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A Mutually Beneficial Partnership

Ithaka Hospitality Partners was built on the belief that when values align, profitability follows naturally.

We believe in forging long-lasting relationships and long-term commitments with our partners and shareholders. Your success is our success. We aim to grow with you, foregoing the quick “turn ‘n’ burn” option in favor of longevity in a steadfast, mutually beneficial partnership.

When you reach out to Ithaka, we will listen to your unique set of circumstances and goals. We will meet to determine if our values align, which is the bedrock of a successful hospitality partnership. We’ll introduce you to the Ithaka that will grow with you, treating every success, every milestone, with a servant’s spirit and a grateful heart.

We know there is no one-size-fits-all solution within the hospitality industry, which is why we work so closely with our partners and shareholders. We learn about your individual needs and tailor a plan to meet – and then exceed – those needs.

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Whether you are new to the hospitality industry or an established brand looking for new, innovative solutions for your property, we will exceed your goals for hotel management and consulting services. We serve:

  • Individuals looking to enter the hospitality industry by building or buying property
  • Land owners in need of a partner to bring their hotel dreams into reality
  • Groups or individuals who are working with financial institutions to receive project or facility financing
  • Property developers in need of guidance during the planning and construction process
  • Existing facilities looking to change hotel management firms for a variety of reasons

Executive Advisors

Ithaka Hospitality Partners utilizes our vast industry connections to provide our clients with unparalleled service. We are proud to call on the experience and expertise many leaders within the hospitality industry as Executive Advisors.

Horst Schulze

Owner, Horst Schulze Consulting

C. Scott Rohm

Principal, Agathos Hospitality Advisors

Bruce J. Himelstein

Founder, The BJH Group

Gérard van Grinsven

Founder, GHG – The van Grinsven Hospitality Group

Phil Colicchio

Executive Managing Director, Specialty F&B, Entertainment & Hospitality Consulting

Katherine I. Funk

Managing Partner, Advokat Pllc

Ed Marvine

Founder, JEM International

Alain J. Gruber

President and Chief Operating Officer, Ocean Residences LTD

Larry Sternberg

Fellow, Talent Plus

Gregg J. Herning

Chief Sales Officer, ACCESS DMC

Dr. Donald J. Large Jr.

Former Executive Vice President, Auburn University

Paula Peterson

Co-founder, Managing Member, Heartrock LLC

Amanda Al-Masri

Founder, Al-Masri Consulting

Chef Ford Fry

Chef and Managing Partner, Ford Fry Restaurants

Lawrence T. McFadden, CMC

General Manager / COO, The Union Club

Emmanuel Kemiji, M.S.

Owner, Miura Vineyards

Strategic Partnerships

Ithaka Hospitality Partners is honored to work with some of the best-known groups within our industry for strategic partnerships that benefit our clients.

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