The Ithaka Philosophy

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A servant-driven company with an adventurous spirit

Ithaka Hospitality Partners is more than a hospitality management company. We are a group of individuals who believe that the journey is just as important as the destination. That life is a string of experiences made to be enjoyed. That a company can have a soul, and that soul is more than the sum of its parts.

We are Ithaka. Our road is full of adventure and discovery.

Ithaka Hospitality Partners was founded as a premier partner in the hospitality management industry, focused on driving loyalty and creating enhanced experiences for our guests, partners and team members.

We are committed to long-term partnerships between all stakeholders, creating a true alliance partnership unique in our industry. Through strong, enduring relationships with our partners, streamlined operations and a high level of involvement, we deliver strategic and tactical methods to achieve overall profitability, guest satisfaction and employee engagement.

We believe in serving our guests, investors, owners, partners and team members with honesty, integrity and uncompromising quality. Ithaka boasts a high level of involvement with all aspects of hospitality management, and provides a clear vision with a commitment to bringing that vision to life. Our business acumen coupled with our deep understanding of the hospitality industry at a global level sets us apart.

Our Ethos

Can a company have soul? We believe so. Day in and day out, Ithaka operates on a set of unwavering values adopted to maintain the highest levels of ethics.

Many of these values stem from an individual who has been instrumental in the life and career of our founder, Hans van der Reijden. Hans spent 26 years working closely with Horst Schulze, founder of The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, LLC, as well as the Capella Hotel Group, who imparted to Hans his wisdom in both life and career endeavors. A visionary in the hospitality industry, Mr. Schulze inspires everyone he meets with his wisdom, energy and positivity. He embodies the values and ethics we admire as individuals and as a company, which became our benchmark as we developed the Ithaka company ethos.

Our Diversity, Inclusion & Equality Mission

With a global lens we offer world class hospitality and a workplace for top talent. Together, we are committed to a thriving culture, embracing and celebrating the individuality of all we serve.

Be you…We love you that way!

Our Name

The name Ithaka comes from a poem by C.P. Cavafy, which holds great significance and importance for our founder, Hans van der Reijden.

The Ithaka blue is based on the rich blue of the Greek Eye, or “matiasma,” a fixture dating back to the 6th century, B.C., and used to ward off the “evil eye.” Greeks often safeguarded themselves against bad fortune by keeping some form of the Greek Eye somewhere important to them.

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