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Ithaka Hospitality Partners is more than a hospitality management company. We are a group of individuals who believe that the journey is just as important as the destination. That life is a string of experiences made to be enjoyed. That a company can have a soul, and that soul is more than the sum of its parts.

We are Ithaka. Our road is full of adventure and discovery.

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Hans van der Reijden, founder & CEO, Ithaka Hospitality Partners, which manages The Hotel at Auburn University for the institution, noted that there are a lot of opportunities for third-party operators who understand college markets, as these properties can’t be run like any other hotel in town.

“Having run a university hotel for 15 years, we make sure it serves as the front door to the institution. Hotels at a university campus tend to be the first point of contact for incoming freshman, parents doing college tours, speakers, professors who are being recruited, and if you don’t have that as a priority, then it doesn’t serve as that first impression that the university wants the hotel to be.”

Hotel Business, Market Study Lessons learned when Considering College Towns, March 7, 2020 Read the full article

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